Our vision is to restore the uniqueness of the former Hotel Oceania as a landmark for the city of Montevideo and offer a distinctive living experience though our O2 Urban Lofts.


Our goal was to rebuild and transform the abandoned hotel into the most exclusive residential lofts in Montevideo, while preserving the original architecture character of the building. With O2 Urban Lofts, we provide the highest design standards in the market as well as introduce the urban loft-living experience in Montevideo. Diego Montero Architect Studio, a locally recognized architectural studio, was in charge of the design of the project, which was developed by UCGI Real Estate.


Union Properties Group acquired this iconic art deco building from the beginning of the 20th century in Punta Gorda. The building is located in one of the most magical spots within Montevideo's Rambla, offering the best sunset views of the city. The building formerly hosted the mythical Hotel Oceania, with its famous casino (the Makao) and dancefloor (the New York-New York), where the ‘jeunesse doree’ of Montevideo frequently gathered.


The design project highlights and restores the original art deco design of the building and its architectural nobility, specifically in the design of the façade and its circular windows. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows provide maximum exposure to ocean views which stretch on to outside private terraces. An additional floor was added to the building in order to offer a diversified mix of unit types, ranging from triplexes to lofts.



     1930      1989      2014
     Construction of the Hotel Oceania      Renovation - Casino and Dancefloors
     (New York and Macao)
     Transformation of Hotel Oceania into O2 Urban Lofts